quindip: use ctrl F8 to switch perspectives

so you read my article about how easy it is to debug xPages and now get stuck in the debug perspective all the time but you would like to checkout your code etc?

simple: use <ctrl><F8> to switch perspectives.

If you open first all those perspectives you don’t need and close them via WindowClose Perspective then it’s a simple matter of <ctrl><F8> to switch between Debug and xPages perspective

ah.. as a side note:

did you know that you can actually “debug” the building of the xPage component tree itself?
Open the Package Explorer view and inside your LN application open the Localxsp folder. There you will find the Java classes which have been created out of the XML in the xPages designer!

You can then set a breakpoint in the Java class for your xPage here:

    protected AbstractCompiledPage createPage(int pageIndex) {
        return new nameOfYourXPage();


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