Extension Library installation pains

okay okay.. I know.. RTFM

but hey.. we are developers, we know what we are doing, right? 😉

How it all began:
I was first trying to install the Extension Library on my desktop manually. and of course I installed the Domino part instead of the Designer part 🙁

I then considered following those instructions here:

but again RTFM…

I mean c’mon… can’t be that complicated.

It can!!! After 2 days of trying (installing/uninstalling both LN/FP/UpgradePack)  to get this upgrade pack installed I almost gave up.

But then I took a quiet moment and told me: one last time.

Interestingly the modules had been installed in previous attemps, only I could not load any xPage with modules from the extension library as something didn’t install 100% correctly! I always got the Error 500 command not handled exception.

With those features installed… I could finally figure out the exact filenames to check and remove manually any directory/file which was still in the mentioned (see link above) directories. If Windows 7 search would have done a better job I wouldn’t have needed those exact filenames though, maybe some of my anger goes to MS.

so here is how I found the exact names:

Files searched:
  • org.apache.wink…
  • com.ibm.domino.das…
  • com.ibm.wink…
  • com.ibm.xsp.extlib…

directories searched:

  • frameworksharedeclipsefeatures
  • frameworksharedeclipseplugins
  • datadominoworkspaceapplicationseclipsefeatures
  • datadominoworkspaceapplicationseclipseplugins
  • dataworkspaceapplicationseclipsefeatures
  • dataworkspaceapplicationseclipseplugins

So after I had figured out the names I had to look for and manually deleted them (also in the DataWorkspace and DataDominoWorkspace directory), the upgrade pack installed just fine…


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