quindip: accessing grouped values (checkbox/radio groups)

I was trying to get the selected values from a check box group, but I failed miserably…

Almost when I gave up I got an error and then I found this site:
the XPages Extensibility API Documentation

via the class XspSelectManyCheckbox I then figured I had to search for the JSF API.

There I found this:
java.lang.Object[] getSelectedValues() 
Return the currently selected values, or null if there are no currently selected values.

which basically means:

getComponent(“myCheckBoxGroupID”).getSelectedValues() will return an ARRAY!!! checkout the [] at the end the object.

so finally it was easy to parse the selected values:
var valueArray = getComponent(“myCheckBoxGroupID”).getSelectedValues();
// valueArray[0] contains the first value
// valueArray[1] contains the second value etc.

can you believe it how stupid I am? and how relieved to finally have found a way to read the selected values with SSJS?

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