indip: really cool type-ahead

this time just a link to share with you guys out there.

A REALLY, did I make this clear? REALLY REALLY cool fancy way to make type aheads the way I need them:

kudos to Tim Tripcony

1. in the outline of the editbox with type ahead you will find below the “ajax” component. Select it to see it’s properties in the appropriate pane.
2. select valueMarkup = true
3. add a function name (eg. getNames(searchValue) which returns an unordered list of elements and surround every part which should NOT be part of the value returned into the field with: <span class=”informal”>text you don’t want in the field after selecting the target value</span>
4. add searchValue in the var property

we use Managed Beans to return type aheads (which makes it WAY faster as the JavaScript does not need to be evaluated!)

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