your turn!

What are your most urgent issues regarding development with XPages?

let me know and write a comment.

Why I would like to know?

Well in the past few weeks when I tried to get the XPages framework for our company up and running, I spent countless hours doing research on the internet. And mostly I either didn’t find the information I was looking for at all, or it took me too long and I had to “syndicate” bits and pieces from various sources into a model which would work for me…

just take the example of “scoped variables”. In every XPage session/training I attended so far they tell you about the application/session/view/request scope variables.

No-one can really tell you exactly what the difference between view and request scope variable is.

and No-one can actually tell you how you get the request scope variables to work! Most XPage developers think they don’t work at all.

The reason for this is: we (yes, I include myself as well into that group of people) lack a good amount of necessary background knowledge how HTTP and JSF really work.

As soon as you get the chance to talk to certain people who know more about those topics, you start to realize things and suddenly the puzzle pieces fit together and form a quite nice image.



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