FRULE: frustrated about stupid error messages

created xPage, added some fields, changed some properties, added custom control with buttons to save etc…, tried to create and save a “document” …
wouldn’t save…  wtf makes fun with me???


tried to find out what the problem was, got the idea to add an “display errors” control, guess what, there WAS an error!!

Search??? what search??? and WHERE?????

almost went nuts!!!

finally, you guess: after HOURS!!!, I had a brilliant or stupid idea: remove the form validations on “save” as the xPage wasn’t really “connected” to an existing form, and guess what!!


Lesson learned:
1. xPages error messages are stupid as stupid can be
2. never use form validations if the xPage isn’t associated with an actual form


I know.. usually all this wouldn’t happen when you start from scratch.. but as all lazy developers.. I sometimes “copy&paste” and this ain’t really helping sometimes!

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