speeding up XPages execution AND development

to speed up execution you should native Java code whereever possible!!!!!!!!! (should I add some more explanation marks???????) DID YOU GET THIS

okay.. fun aside… let’s get down to the hardcore stuff:

let’s assume you created a helper class doing some nice stuff for you on your XPage (such as logging to another place than is possible with DebugToolbar)
let’s assume your Logger is in the package com.yourcompanyname.xpages.utilities

now if you want to log the action of a button within an XPage you would need to add this code:

var Logger:com.yourcompanyname.xpages.utilities.Logger = new com.yourcompanyname.xpages.utilities.Logger()
Logger.log(“your message”)

what you might have forgotten though (actually you didn’t cause you just used it: JavaScript!)

so simply create a SSJS library which you include on every page you create.

add this line:
var Logger: com.yourcompanyname.xpages.utilities.Logger  = new  com.yourcompanyname.xpages.utilities.Logger();

you can then in your button simply log the message like this:

Logger.log(“your message”)

doesn’t that save you endless typing/correcting/testing etc?

think of the SSJS Library as a “proxy” to your native Java classes!

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