about me

I’m not really a full time developer anymore. Currently unemployed so I am playing around with stuff. All Lotus Domino related stuff comes from my previous work.

Recently I have been learning Python/NodeJS. I did learn JavaScript/CSS/PHP 20 years back and am “reactivating” it.

With this website I’ll share my experience. Why? cause every so often it’s very frustrating to having issues and not finding solutions.

My xPages blog was at the time a highly visited blog.

My by far best article was “How to create golden text” with Illustrator. And I wasn’t even an illustrator. I just “copied” and simplified some steps from other tutorials.

More recently I have been writing about my path from not being a trader to having a trading bot do the work for me. Was a twisty path, up and down, but I managed to create a bot which produces profits, not much, but just about enough.

And to help some people with a petition they wanted to start I started again with PHP. Had my own CMS (like wordpress) system 20 years ago. Lightyears ahead of anything else, unfortunately I’m a pain in marketing. And as they wanted, for the petition, to have a WordPress plugin I started developing one. Man, such a pain. Documentation is a frustration.

One could say: all systems/frameworks/programming languages are well documented. But let’s be honest, few go beyond the ordinary “Hello world” example. As soon as you want something more sophisticated: The world (web) can’t help.

So here I am sharing my experience. Some may think useless content. Other’s might like it.