Lotus Domino

  • QUINDIP: document your code properly in LotusScript

    Hi this is not related to xPages but to LotusScript: we have started years ago to use “kind-of” javadoc-ish style of documentation of our code: and just today i figured it actually is used using typeahead (similar as in the java editor): really neat 😉 enjoy

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  • QUINDIP: intercept wrong/inexistent documentId

    Hi long time no post… but alas.. finally something I really like: Have you ever had the situation, that you have a xPage which is workflow enabled, and you have (maybe) multiple servers? Some users might even use the LN client front-end on another server. The workflow sends out a mail telling the approver to…

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  • QUINDIP: set JAVA Compiler target in notes.ini

    Literally EVERY time I created a Java agent or library the compiler target was set to 1.2 even though I have been using LN 7 or later…I always had to find the noteId and use a tool to manually change the source and target to 1.6. here’s how you can change that behaviour:http://www-10.lotus.com/ldd/ddwiki.nsf/dx/07152009034956PMMSTR75.htm enjoy AND…

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