YOUFEB: do you want me to share an easy way to configure views in your xPages?

just recently I have found the DominoViewCustomizer to customize the views displayed with the Dynamic View Panel from the extension library.

Of course it was a cool idea but I needed a way to “customize” my views.

Is anyone interested in me sharing this whole “component”? Well it’s not really just one component, a few pieces play together.

If I get a decent amount of comments asking me to share it I will do so.

Just so you know what it would be about:

  • simple way to let users choose from available views
  • in an open view you can call “ColumnCustomizer” which lets you set all properties you can set on a view column
  • additionally some ideas how to add easy filtering on views

I think I would strip down my “framework” to just that piece of functionality 
and put some comments on how to use/implement it online.

I from my side would have question as well:

Does someone know if I can create a (repeat) control which has “computed properties” (eg. the label, or values to choose from) based on not just a simple string but on JavaScript which would be “evaluated” on the fly?

I do know how to evaluate JavaScript with Java, what I am missing though: How can I attach to a new (repeat) component dynamic JavaScript? Dynamic means: the JavaScript is not stored in the component but on a configuration document.

Still confused? An example:
I am looking for a way to fully “customize” my view filter!
I want to put some tags/attributes and some code onto my dynamic column view definitions.
The result would be a fully automated dynamic view filter! Think about dropdownboxes which get their values from the provided JavaScript

At the moment I do have to create in one custom control “hard coded” fields (for each view on a different panel which is rendered only for specific views) for filtering on specific columns. I would like that to be customizable!

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