How to install additional language dictionaries in Lotes Notes 8.5.2

Do you miss additional language dictionaries to spell check your texts in Lotus Notes 8.5.2?
Here is the solution:


1. download this Zip File (

2. extract the updateSite for the dictionary you need (I use C:temp)
3. extract the extracted updateSite (I use in this example: C:temp)

4. Ensure in the Notes client that you can use Widgets: FilePreferencesWidgets

5. select ViewRight Sidebar PanelsMy Widgets
6. select ViewRight SidebarOpen (or use <ctrl><4>)
7. select the right hand side MenuConfigure a Widget from…Features and Plugins on an Update Site

8. enter file:/c:/TEMP/site.xml
9. click load and select the displayed feature then click Next > and Finish
10. Restart your Notes client and select the new dictionaries to be used for spell checking

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