QUINDIP: need to run an agent as signer from an xPage?

we needed a possibility for users to “override” the workflow, ie. interfere even though they were not “authors” at the moment. The only way was to do with an agent running with more access rights.

solution was: us “sessionAsSigner”

this would not work:
var agent = currentDatabase.getAgent(“(agnXPageWFMoveToState60)”);
agent.runWithDocumentContext(currentDocument.getDocument() );
return “xsp-reopen”;

this did work (kudos to Sven Hasselbach):
var agent = sessionAsSigner.getCurrentDatabase().getAgent(“(agnXPageWFMoveToState60)”);
agent.runWithDocumentContext(currentDocument.getDocument() );
return “xsp-reopen”;

hope this helps some people to achieve similar things

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