INDIP: add visual indicator to type ahead

that’s how it looks:

field with type ahead waiting for input:
field with type ahead thinking
field with type ahead failure

this is the XML code of the field for the events:
<xp:eventHandler event=”onkeypress” submit=”false” id=”eventHandler2″>
<xp:this.script><![CDATA[if (event.keyCode==9 || event.keyCode==13){

<xp:eventHandler event=”onblur” submit=”false” id=”eventHandler3″>

and this is the style assigned to the field:
<![CDATA[#{javascript:if( currentDocument.isEditable()){ return ‘useTypeAhead’; }}]]>

this is needed in the CSS:
background: #fff url(“TypeAhead.gif”) no-repeat right;
width: 20px;
.dijitValidationContainer .dijitValidationIcon{
width: 20px;

this is needed in a CSJS library (cudos to Mark Roden and Sven Hasselbach)
function x$(idTag, param, jd){ //Updated 28 Feb 2012
// hardcoded
idTag=idTag.replace(/:/gi, “\:”)+(param ? param : “”);
return( jd==”d” ? “#”+idTag : $(“#”+idTag));

var inputField;

//addVisual function used to add a loading image to the screen and make it visible
//expected input string similar to view1_:id1_:viewPanel1
function addVisual(idTag){
var newImage=”url(‘loading.gif’)” //Change me for your server
inputField=dojo.query(x$(“widget_”+idTag, ” .dijitValidationIcon”, “d”))“backgroundImage”, newImage);“visibility”, “visible”);“backgroundRepeat”, “no-repeat”);“backgroundPosition”, “right”);
dojo.query(x$(“widget_”+idTag, ” .dijitValidationContainer”, “d”)).style(“display”, “block”)


//— hijack dojo XHR calls
//Thanks to Sven Hasselbach for this ajax intercept code
var typeAheadLoad;

dojo.addOnLoad( function(){

 /*** hijacking xhr request ***/
 if( !dojo._xhr )
    dojo._xhr = dojo.xhr;

 dojo.xhr = function(){
       var args = arguments[1];
       if( args[‘content’] ){
          var content = args[‘content’];
             if( content[‘$$ajaxmode’] ){
                if( content[‘$$ajaxmode’] == “typeahead” ){
                   /*** hook in load function ***/
                   typeAheadLoad = args[“load”];

                   /*** overwrite error function ***/
                //   args[“error”] = function(){
                 //     alert(‘Error raised!’)
                //   };
                   /*** hijack load function ***/
                   args[“load”] = function(arguments){
                      /*** On Start ***/
                     // alert(“On Start!”);
                      /*** call original function ***/
                      /*** On Complete ***/
                  if (arguments.toLowerCase()==”<ul></ul>”){
                  var newImage=”url(‘typeAheadFailure.gif’)” //Change me for your server   
        “backgroundImage”, newImage)   
        “background”, “white”)
    dojo._xhr( arguments[0], arguments[1], arguments[2] );

//removeVisual function used to remove the loading image from the screen and make it hidden
//expected input string similar to view1_:id1_:viewPanel1
function removeVisual(idTag){
var inputField=dojo.query(x$(“widget_”+idTag, ” .dijitValidationIcon”, “d”))“backgroundImage”, “”)“visibility”, “hidden”)
dojo.query(x$(“widget_”+idTag, ” .dijitValidationContainer”, “d”)).style(“display”, “none”)

//Checks to see if the visual icon is still running – if so then assume fail and kill it
function checkTimer(idTag){

dojo.query(x$(“widget_”+idTag, ” .dijitValidationContainer”, “d”)).style(“display”, “none”)


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