CRYFH: how can I bind a richtext field with javascript?

Maybe it helps to have some knowledgeable readers, let’s see.

What I would like to achieve:
Have tooltips displaying RichText fields (defined as “help documents”).

This works for just 1 tooltip: I define a document data source and simply bind the RT field on the xPage to the docSource.Body, voilĂ !

Of course I do have multiple places where I would like to display such a fantastic tooltip!

Tooltips indeed are “dynamic”.

Using this code I get the subject from the help document back no problem:


using the same code (trying to retrieve the RT item) I simply get back the item’s name!!

What do I miss?

What I tried, but also didn’t work: to change the docSource dynamically, ie. having the tooltip change the UNID of the docSource and then simply bind as described above with docSource.Body. But I couldn’t manage to get the dynamic tooltip to “refresh” the docSource.

Any ideas?


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