QUINDIP: dynamic “access controlled sections” ;-) in xPages

Some people faced the same problem than me: they wanted something like the “access controlled sections” in plain old LN development.
Mark Leusink
Russell Maher
Jeremy Hodge

None of the articles quite well didn’t explain how to set those ACLs dynamically..

I also tried to get set READER or EDITOR via something like:
return (condition to check) ? “READER” : “EDITOR”

but it wouldn’t work, especially not if in the condition the currentDocument was used. So what next?

I tried with a Bean, and it worked very smoothly. I put the code into the Bean constructor, the bean itself is a request scope bean, as (for whatever reason) I could not get view scope beans to work:

UIPanelEx panel = null;
ACL acl = new ACL();
ACLEntry aclEntry = new ACLEntry();
if (!(dominoDoc.getValue(“wfCurrentState”).equals(“1”) || dominoDoc.getValue(“wfCurrentState”).equals(“5”))) {

panel = (UIPanelEx) JSFConnector.findComponent(“panelRequestor”);
panel = (UIPanelEx) JSFConnector.findComponent(“panelDetails”);
panel = (UIPanelEx) JSFConnector.findComponent(“panelApprover”);

dominoDoc is the document source and the code prevents a few panels from being edited in all but in 2 workflow states (1, 5)


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