bookmark_borderunQUINDIPping QUINDIP and other accronyms

according to Tim Tripcony (read the comment on this blog) quindip means confusion, I am now trying to unConfuse you about the confusion I created with my accronyms I use 
  • INDIP: INDispensabletIP (those ones which I deem very important in any xPages developers knowledge bag)
  • QUINDIP: QUickINDIP (those ones I deem quickly explained, 2min to read,  understand and implement)
  • FRULE: FRUstratedLearningExpierence (things I learned the hard way (shall I repeat how hard?), ie. it took me hours/days to get the hang of it and mostly in the end it was so obvious only I lacked some very basic knowledge in the first place)
  • CRYFH: CRYForHelp (when I have no clue anymore how to proceed and I need your input)
  • YOUFEB: YOUrFEedBack required (please gimme comments, ask questions what you want me to blog about etc)
  • DYHOP: DoYouHaveOtherProposals for accronyms? 😉
ups.. something very important I almost forgot…

let the game begin (provide your ideas in the comments): any idea what the anagram of in-mood is?

well.. a hint: in-mood is the anagram of the actual word. When I had my own company few years ago, I was so in (good) mood about stuff I was doing that time.. that I figured: great this will be my company name!

Unfortunately I cannot offer anything as a price to the winner besides maybe some special mentioning in a blog entry or my personal effort trying to help to solve an interesting xPage problem!

bookmark_borderBIG THANK YOU to all my readers

A big “thank you” to all of you. 

You helped raise attention to my blog (as of 2013-04-03 this blog is just under the top 50 of the past 5 days in this list) and it seems some important people in the xPages community do read my blog (at least once in a while 😉 )

I can only assume that the content combined with my, hopefully funny, style to write are responsible for the hits I get.

I don’t know why, but somehow my blog seems to hit some pain points out there.

Maybe some of you might now already why I created this blog:
xPages are a great technology, BUT it’s really hard to find decent documentation.
Everything is POORLY documented and you need to collect bits and pieces all over the web to get some stuff going properly and this is frustrating and takes literally ages!

The xPages TOP CRACKS out there doing some interesting blogging: they know their stuff, too good actually. Sometimes they miss the important little things, the little things which drive us newbies crazy because we don’t get the stuff working.

The repeat control. Has anyone of you ever wondered why the “Collection name” is called collection name?
I always thought in Lotus Script terms of a collection.
It took me a while to understand that the actual “meaning” of this property was a handle to the single record/data/document within the collection! So why not call this stupid property something like “entity handle” or “entity name” or “single data entry handle”.. or something we newbies can understand well at once!

Take this example video which I think is great, but it has a minor glitch and no-one seems to care 😉
Check out min 1:13. He says: we add a collection name “rows” (plural!) and then he enters anyway “row” (singular). If you don’t pay attention you will never get it to work. I had to zoom in (ie. fullscreen until I figured out where I made the mistake!)

Don’t get me wrong:
I’m not accusing anyone of anything here! I just noticed on my learning way that I was over and over and over and over (how many times shall I repeat?) not really happy with the information I was looking for.

I just think that the beginner xPages developer needs to know also the little details. An attribute wrongly activated/selected etc.. and nothing works. And the error messages you do get, com’on.. you all know it: THEY ARE USELESS!!! It takes you again (shall I repeat?) HOURS to figure out where the actual problem is. Thankfully I did figure out how to debug Java code and this makes my life a whole lot easier.
But again: why does IBM not propagate this great feature more openly??? I would expect it even in the help of the designer!

I think I had a great, difficult and bumpy but yet steep, learning curve in the past 6 months, way more to go I assume. But the knowledge I have now is quite sufficient to be a decent xPages developer.

What I expect from you guys out there:
Give me feedback!!!!! Write comments! Ask me questions and I will try to blog about more interesting things.


bookmark_borderYOUFEB: YOUr FEedBack required

I wanna thank to all loyal readers of my blog. I know you’re out there somewhere…

Please get in contact with me.. write comments about my blogs, what you liked, in terms of content, in terms of writing style, what you didn’t like, what you missed.

Let me know who you are and what problems your dealing with…

I know most of you (besides maybe some 20 guys around the world) are struggling with the same issues than I have…

Have you ever wondered if it is possible to keep all code within a LN application in one place? Say ONLY in the java classes?

I believe the interface with drag&drop of fields, clicking on properties, entering attribute values etc. is great, but it’s also a GREAT pain!!!

Who of you has read my post about “do not copy and paste” stuff? Where an xPage wouldn’t behave, just because I copied and pasted and forgot to remove one of those “properties”…

I do envy those guys working with GWT.. they GUIs are so slick, so fast, so adaptable… and as far as I know they application runtime lifecycles are more easy to understand.

Or can you really tell me about the order of execution of all those “events”? Or when the first moment would be where you have a handle to the DominoDocument?

I do understand that most LN applications are just “little” adaptations of document mgmt templates, discussion templates etc.. but hey.. there are people out there really trying develop high-end applications, including workflows etc…

stay tuned for more questions answered from my side.. and tell me about your questions…