Trading Bot on macOS Big Sur: my experiences during the project

This blog is like a daily journal, I will continue to update this post about my findings during the journey. It is more about difficulties or challenges I had to deal with than about the actual code.
While most content is macOS (or Unix) related, I am very confident that the shown approaches will work in a rather similar way in other environments (Windows) as well.
The actual code/approach how to make the trading bot itself I have explained (with docu/code in the documentation of the video)
This project is mainly based on NodeJS, there are parts I am using in Python, cause I had the code already.

Most important Tip

De-complexify problems
Start with something you can handle and increase step by step the complexity of the task.
Run a script manually, before trying to schedule it, to see if the script runs at all. Run first a very simple script scheduled, before you run a complicated script, to see if you can successfully schedule a script.
Feed a tool first manual data, get a feeling for the data structures you need to supply (JSON, Arrays, …). Play around, meaning, feed wrong structures to see the outcome. Only once you know what the tool expects start to feed data automatically.
Check the chapter about bot simulations for another tip how to “de-complexify” problems.


So after a lot of trials and errors, fixing errors, bringing new ones in, due to being tired, I think I have finally found a version which makes me optimistic to make some profit. The simulations I run, with the triggers I chose, came 75% of the times with a profit, ranging up to more than 20% in 2 weeks.
My bot has higher profits in “normal” times, in high volatile times, like end of January where XRP soared heavily, it performed worse, but still in an acceptable area, where few humans would be able to do better without just being lucky. Once I see it performs bad, I simply send a signal to stop trading, yet I do not need to fiddle with scripts/cron etc.
I will leave my bot now running for a few weeks to check how it performs, no interruption anymore.
Feels good, having coded a lot, having learned a lot about macOS, Unix shell scripting, Python, Signals.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at @iPinky77 on Twitter.

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