QUINDIP: computed when composed fields in xPages

Did you ever wonder how you can “mimick” the cold computed when composed fields?

According to Brad Balassaitis there ain’t no equivalent in xPages.
According to Oliver Busse you can “fake” them anyway

Steps I would propose:

  • create a normal editable field and set it “disabled”
  • use this css to remove the border of the input: input[disabled]{border: 0px;}
  • use Olivers approach to add a value when the doc is first opened


    <xp:setValue binding=”#{docCurrent.docRequestID}”



            <xp:setValue binding=”#{docCurrent.docCreationDate}”




                  It looks like this in the binding dialog:

                  I tested it, I think quite thoroughly: it works. I also tried to “change” the value via Inspector in the HTML source code.. after save&reload the old value was back.. so Notes seems to “know” which fields CAN and CANNOT be edited!! This is great news!
                  the fields are setup on creation of the document, they are saved to the document, they look like “static text”..

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